Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Awesome Waterslides in Crown Point

If traditional summer fun in your family's summer includes waterslides, you're not alone. They have been delighting families for years. Refreshing, fun and a source of great exercise, they are highly anticipated all year until summer finally arrives. 

Nowadays, there are a number of styles available for rental. The variety of waterslides in Crown Point includes:

  • 18Ft Circus Water Slide - Step up to and slide down the greatest slide on Earth! Clown around all you like on this delightful summer refresher; you and your family and friends will not forget this one!
  • 18Ft Pirate Ship Water Slide - Yo, matey. Climb aboard and slide the seven seas with this yearly favorite, parrots not recommended.
  • 22Ft Tropical Slip n Slide - This includes 60 ft of cool, refreshing fun. Add some jungle sound effects on a CD, and you'll have the most unique backyard in the neighborhood.
  • Tropical Slip n Slide - Two lanes. No waiting!
  • Multi-Color Castle 4n1 Combo - It's the best of several worlds, bounce, shoot hoops, slip and slide.
  • 4 in 1 Tropical Combo - Jump, shoot hoops, slip and slide with a jungle ambiance.

These and other fun slides all come packed with smiles and laughter included. It's the perfect way to showcase your yard as the fun place to be. Save your week's vacation expenses and rent an awesome slide instead. You'll have all the conveniences of your backyard and avoid traffic and travel.   

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