Sunday, November 10, 2013

Great Ideas for having a Carnival Themed Birthday with a Moonwalk in Crown Point

STEP RIGHT UP, folks! Don't be shy! What you are about to witness occurs just once a year! It's nothing less than (drum roll, please!) a kid's birthday party. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it's that annual extravaganza in which your child and his friends are the stars of the show. No birthday on the horizon? Throw a Carnival Party as a fund-raiser for a Scout troop, school, or sports team. The big top's all ready, and tickets are going fast -- it's carnival time!

Reasons to have a Carnival Theme Birthday Party:
  • Unisex Party - Perfect for the child that has many friends of both gender. (What little boy likes getting a Pink Princess goody bag?)
  • Customizable for any budget; be as frugal or as extravagant as you want.
  • Great Summer Party Idea - Host your party outside in your back yard or even a park. Rent a large Moonwalk in Crown Point and if you're concerned about getting 'rained-out', pick an alternate rain-date for the following weekend, or hold your party inside in a rented hotel conference room (also perfect for a winter/fall party).
  • Endless possibilites for fun activities, delicious food and fun entertainment

Friday, November 8, 2013

Inflatable Northwest Indiana

Fall is upon us here in Northwest Indiana. The leaves have turned and are beginning to fall. Trick or treating is now behind us and we have eaten almost all the candy by now. Our attention is starting to turn towards the holidays. What are we doing for Thanksgiving? What are we buying little Joey for Christmas? Whose family are we visiting? This time of year can lead to many decisions and undo stress. Besides all the hubbub over the holidays you have been tasks with organizing your childs fall fling or the pto fundraiser. Don't fret let the leaders of Inflatables in Northwest Indiana handle everything. We specialize in bringing fun to any event of any size. We can take care of all the details so you don't have to. We know you have your plate full already this time of year. You worry about what to buy Aunt Martha for christmas and we will worry how to keep 2-2000 kids smiling.

Bounce House Indiana

Children now are able to enjoy having an inflatable bounce house of Indiana in their own backyards. Parents also enjoy having a safe and healthy environment for their children. Back in the old days, there seemed to be no problem letting our children gather at the local swimming hole or wander in the woods. Today, we are better off keeping our children safe at home. In the past, we did not have the game boys and computers, but we did hang out with our friends for as long as we could before it got dark. That is just not the reality for most parents today. Children just are not as safe as they were 20 years ago. Our society has gone through some changes and children are not as safe as they used to be when venturing outside of the home. Parents are getting together and forming groups with other parents. They take turns with organized playtime for their children. This actually turns out to be a blessing for many parents as it gives everyone an opportunity to share in the playtime responsibilities and also provides some free time for parents.. Some parents are turning their backyards into an inflatable fun land that seems to encourage other children to want to come over and play too. This provides a lot of peace of mind to parents knowing that their children are right in the backyard. Bounce house inflatables have many names. In England, they are known as the bounce castle, and some lovingly call them the bouncy castles. They are also known as moonwalks and bouncers. What ever you call them, kids love them.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

5 Reasons To Have An Inflatable Waterslides in Northwest Indiana

We all love our outdoor parties in the summertime. From the backyard BBQ to the all out huge family reunion and everything in between, planning the entertainment, especially for kids can be tricky. There are all kinds of inflatable devices that you can rent. The Moon Jump, the Castle, but for a cool and unique idea, you should consider these 5 reasons of having an inflatable waterslide in Northwest Indiana for your next party.

Fun For All Ages

Almost everyone loves to cool off and they love slides. Inflatable water slides in Northwest Indiana combine the two, making water play at an outdoor function a must have. Everyone will enjoy taking a few trips down the slide to cool off and will allow for some great pictures and memories. This offers hours of play.
Great for any kind of party including neighborhood block parties, Company parties, birthday parties or any even where there will be children that need to have some entertainment.


Playing in lakes, streams, rivers and other natural bodies of water comes with inherent risks. These can include the water being too swift for a swimmer, bacterial pathogens that can cause disease, as well as a whole host of other risks. With these inflatable slides Northwest Indiana, you can still have hours of water play, with less risk than you find in natural bodies of water or swimming pools.


We have many different slides and themes to choose from. We offer single lane, double lane and slip n slides for any occassion and budget. We have one that will fit kids of all ages and sizes. They even have some that will work year round, so using it indoors is possible.

 Easy Setup

Our professional people will set this up and tear it down, making it one less thing to worry about as you are getting your party together. You simply need the space and a water source, and inflate it, and viola, you are ready to go. That also means that early comers or other people assisting with your party setup who have children will have a way for them to keep busy and not be underfoot.


When you are planning an event or party, you always have to look at your budget. The water slide is very affordable and they have something that will fit every size budget. Starting at 4 hour rental times, you can ensure you will get your money’s worth when one of these are included.
Inflatable items at parties have become a hot item. Once only found in places like carnivals, the new and unique inflatable slides of Northwest Indiana are sure to make your next outdoor event a big hit with everyone.

Party Rentals of Crown Point Get the Kids Moving

Party Rentals of Crown Point for your next event is not just a source of entertainment but contributes greatly to kid’s health by providing a great source of exercise. Give the kid’s a chance to burn off all the cake, candy and pizza that will be consumed at their next birthday party by introducing a moon bounce party rental of Crown Point that's not only for the kid’s entertainment but also a chance for them to exercise away those extra calories that can lead to childhood obesity from lack of exercise. Incorporate some fun games into your moonbounce party rental to increase cardiovascular activity. Have the kids do jumping jacks in the bounce. Play “the first to 20 bounces wins a prize”. Do something, anything to get those heart rates up with some good old fashioned fun. Just 4 Jumps Party Rentals has bounce houses to match your everyday children’s event. Don’t delay book today. Check out our full selection at

Bounce Houses Schererville

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you.... Nothing says one year-old birthday party like a kid in a high chair with cake all over his head and party guests busy getting a diaper change. I’ll admit, I came out of the gates too strong. Huge guest lists, photo invitation taken months in advance, adorable theme detailed down to unique party favors, fancy snacks, meals and cakes, elaborate crafts and games,plus a gigantic inflatable slide/bounce houses Schererville that towered over my house every year. All documented with a gazillion pictures and overly-long home movie that missed all the funny parts. I should’ve had a clue that it was all a bit much when the party time was dictated by a nap schedule. Don't over think every aspect of the party. It's all about your little one having fun. Enjoy these times because in a blink of an eye they will be heading off to college.

FUNdraising in Northwest Indiana with Inflatables

Calling all Schools, Churches or other Organizations that are looking to raise funds......Read below about Just 4 Jumps inflatable fundraising program.....It's NO Cost and NO Risk!!!!

Just 4 Jumps Inc. offers local Indiana schools the unique opportunity to raise money for their school with mind-blowing inflatables, delicious concession treats, and unique carnival games.

No Risk for the School! Just 4 Jumps Inc. will bring out the inflatables, concessions, and carnival games to your school for no upfront cost, no delivery charge, no deposit, or any other hidden fees or terms. This is truly a great WIN-WIN for the school and Just 4 Jumps Inc. The school pays nothing for the opportunity to raise money for their school at no upfront cost. There really is no risk.

How does it Work? Once we confirm the date and time for your school carnival, we will send you a pre-numbered amount of pre-sale unlimited ride bracelets. This will allow your school to begin advertising the event as well as minimize any major lines at the ticket booth come the day of your school carnival fundraiser. These unlimited ride bands are usually $10.00 each at pre-sale and $12.00 at the door. These ride bands give children unlimited play on all inflatables, carnival games and (2) concession items.

How much can the School Make? We've seen schools make thousands of dollars from these no-risk fundraisers. It all depends on the attendance of the event and the dedication of the PTO/PTA.

Would You Like To Have Fun And Make Money Too? Let's have an Inflatable Fair. With our wristband program your Fundraising event will be a success. It is relatively risk free for all parties involved.

Here's how it works:
• Your church, school, organization or group picks a day (Monday-Thursday) to have an inflatable fair/party.
• Three to four weeks before the event you start advertising and selling wristbands. A minimum of 75 must be sold in order to have the event.....but that's easy because everyone likes to have fun.
• Just 4 Jumps will provide some of our most popular inflatables. Quantity will be according to how many wristbands are sold.

Just 4 Jumps will also provide:
o 1 Sno Cone Machine
o 1 Cotton Candy Machine
o 1 Popcorn Machine
o 1 Supervisor per event

• The church, school, organization or group provides an attendant for each play station and to help with setting up and taking down the equipment. Wristbands sell for $10.00. Participants receive unlimited play and 2 concessions of their choice (cotton candy, sno cone, popcorn).

The Benefits of Having a Fund Raiser
• The group receives 30% of total sales for 75-200 wristbands
• The group receives 40% of total sales for 201-500 wristbands
• The group receives 50% of total sales for 501+ wristbands This unique program allows you to have fun while still earning money for your organization.

Best of all, you can accomplish this without having to pay anything out of your budget! What are you waiting for……..let’s start FUNdraising!!!!!!!! Call Just 4 Jumps Inc. at (219)779-0411 to get more information and a detailed proposal for your event!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

5 steps to renting great inflatables in Crown Point for your child's birthday party

Planning a birthday party for a special child? Follow these steps for organizing and hosting: Step 1: Guest list First, decide how many guests to invite. This will determine everything else, including how much space you'll need and how much food to get. Be sure to send out invitations in a timely way. If possible, a month ahead is best. Step 2: Venue There are different considerations for various venues. For example, if you have the party at home, you'll have more work to do, including setup and cleanup. Other options include renting a room at the local recreation center or booking a child-centered place that offers Crown Point inflatables, laser tag, an arcade or other attractions. Step 3: Theme Start by considering the child's favorite characters or interests. That can guide how you'll decorate, including what serving items you'll get. If you plan to provide favors for guests, coordinate them with the theme. For decorations, consider banners and balloons, and be aware that you may need to order helium-filled balloons in advance. Step 4: Entertainment If you don't choose a venue with built-in entertainment, you may decide to keep the party simple with games in the backyard. Or, you may want to book special entertainment, such as a clown, face painter or inflatables in Crown Point. Call a few weeks, if not months, ahead to reserve special entertainment or rent party equipment. Call around for the best prices, and be sure to get details in writing before you hire. Step 5: Food A child's birthday party may feature homemade cake or cupcakes and other simple treats, in addition to hot dogs or other simple fare. Or, you may want to have a special cake or other food provided by professionals. If you cook yourself, be sure to buy ingredients ahead of time, and make as much as you can in advance so you aren't overwhelmed the day of the party. If you order a cake, plan to do it no later than a week in advance to ensure it can be done in time. As much as possible, relax and enjoy this special time with your child. Using the internet you now have access to local consumer reviews on party planners, party equipment rental companies, entertainers, cake decorators, caterers and service providers in any area for any occasion. .