Sunday, March 30, 2014

Unique...Simple...Successful......Outdoor Movie Night Fundraisers...Ask Us How?

Introducing Our New Ultimate Outdoor Movie Night Fundraising Program!

Are you and your students tired of the same old fundraisers that most schools have been doing for years? Selling products like chocolate bars, wrapping paper, cookie dough and discount cards... and your school only gets to keep 50% of the profits --- Yuck!

We know that deciding which fundraising program to go with can be the most critical part when it comes to raising money for your school. Selecting the right program can be the difference between needing to hold three or four school fundraisers throughout the year (mostly like the ones listed above), or holding just one successful fundraiser that meets your school’s goals.

Your School keeps up to 70% of the profit

* No Inventory                                * Free Marketing Tools
* No Accounting (it’s cashless)      * Participants Attend Free
* No Door to Door Sales                 * A Proven System
* No Catalogs/Order Forms          * Marketing & Technology
   (We’re green)                                  Education for the Kids

We do most of the work for you! Kids connect with friends, family and sponsors to fund your outdoor movie night and raise tons of money.

Outdoor Movie Events – The Best of All School Fundraising Ideas

Our fundraising program is incredibly simple with the potential to raise substantial money! Best of all, your school keeps up to 70% of the profits! Take advantage of our cool new technology combined with social media tools and personalized web pages to maximize your fundraising potential.

Here is how our school fundraising program works:

  • Sign Up! Contact us to get started right away!

  • Share! Your students connect with friends, family & sponsors to raise money for your program
    • Students share a link to their personalized fundraising web page
    • Friends, family & sponsors donate funds towards your school’s outdoor movie night
    • Track your overall progress through the custom school fundraising page we provide

  • Enjoy! Pick a date for your movie night and invite all of your students and supporters to attend
    • Chicagoland Cinema provides EVERYTHING for your movie night (including the movie licensing)
    • Sell concessions at your movie night to raise even more money!
    • Hold raffles and drawings to increase your profit

  • Celebrate! Announce your fundraising results before your movie starts!
    • Advertise big donors on our big screen!

How it works?

Our fundraising packages are designed around how much money you need to raise for your school. These packages are designed to accommodate the estimated number of people that may attend your movie night event and are based on an average donation amount of $10 and approximately half of your supporters coming out for your movie night event.

Fundraising Packages
Audience Size
Your School Keeps
$5,000 - $7,499
$7,000 - $9,999
$10,000 - $14,999
$15,000 +
     70% **
**Any fundraiser which exceeds a$15,000 goal, all participants who raised at least $50 gets entered into a drawing for a FREE IPAD courtesy of Chicagoland Cinema. Drawing takes place at the Movie Night.

The following examples assume that only half of your students actively participate in your fundraising program. The more students that participate, the fewer dollars are needed to raise per student to meet your goals!

Your School’s
# of Students
In the School
# of Students
$$  to Raise
Per Student
Your School Earns
   70% *
   70% *
   70% *

Chicagoland Cinema provides the ultimate in turn key event based fundraisers. Here is a list of what we provide:

·       30Ft. Huge Inflatable Movie Screen
·       4500 Lumens HD Projector
·       (4) 15in.Mackie DJ Quality Speakers
·       Dvd/Blu-ray Player
·       Mackie Mixer
·       Microphone
·       (2) Movie Technicians
·       Movie of your choice
·       Public Movie License
·       Personalized Movie Marketing Material
·       Personalized School Website w/1000 Participant Pages
·       One Rain Date

We deliver, setup, monitor and tear down at every movie event FREE of charge. You simply sign our agreement, establish a fundraising goal and we do the rest absolutely FREE. From a personalized website to marketing materials, we provide everything at no upfront costs. It’s a win for the school, a win for the kids and a win for the community.

Once you have looked over our informational package please feel free to call one of our Chicagoland Cinema Salespersons to help walk you through the process. From start to finish we help to insure a successful fundraising campaign followed by the Ultimate Outdoor Movie Experience.

Call us today and start earning more money for your school and have more fun doing it than ever before!

                                                                                             Chicagoland Cinema

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Have a Rental Party in Northwest Indiana

If you're thinking about throwing a party, Just4Jumps is just the place for you. You can choose from a variety of attractions that are appropriate for both youngsters and adults. Toddlers and preschoolers will love our bounce houses, and older kids won't want to stop racing each other on one of our obstacle courses. Teenagers and adults can give our mechanical bull a try, and nobody will be able to say no to our carnival games or giant movies on inflatable screens.

No matter what kind of rental party in Northwest Indiana that you want to have, you can make it an event no one will forget by renting inflatables from us here at Just4Jumps. Whether you want to have a water slide birthday party for your child's birthday or are thinking about throwing a carnival fundraiser for your church or school, we've got you covered.

Instead of having to figure out games and activities and spending hours upon hours setting everything up, leave everything to us. If you rent your inflatables through us, you'll know that everything will arrive in time and that you'll get exactly what you ordered. You can just sit back and relax while we deliver your chosen inflatables and set them up for you. Once you're done, we'll also come back and pick everything up.

Having a party with inflatables in a surefire way to make sure that everyone has fun and that your party is one of the best the neighborhood has ever had.

Monday, March 10, 2014

How to Handle Your Jump House Crown Point Needs

When children grow into adults, they often fondly remember certain childhood memories. Adults that converse often find themselves recollecting similar experiences. Without a doubt, most children find themselves in a bounce house or two before they grow up. Bounce houses are found at countless children's parties and similar events today. 

Fortunately, parents can rent these jump houses for their party needs these days. Jump house rentals are an affordable solution that often makes the party. Children find themselves occupied jumping around tirelessly for hours. Plus, even older teens and adults might joint he excitement for a few minutes after some hesitation.

Potential renters need to find a reliable rental service, though. Jump House Crown Point offers everything renters could ask for today. For a given party, the company offers numerous bounce houses, waterslides and even mechanical bulls. Structures are delivered to the appropriate venue, set up, and then taken away by the company.

The company charges competitive rates for the Crown Point area, too. Therefore, nobody needs to worry about spending a fortune on their jump house. Multiple structures are available, which makes themed parties a simple decision. Other companies charge more money and offer less spectacular bounce houses. Undoubtedly, alternatives should be avoided. 

Bounce house rentals often mean the world to children. Kids love these structures and seemingly never grow tired of bouncing around. In the end, your next party might make these structures the perfect option. It's important to find a reliable rental service to avoid headaches and hassles. Otherwise, rentals are quite simple and straightforward.